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Alison is a communications professional with agency and in-house experience, specialising in copywriting, content marketing and social media strategy and management. Her experience includes work in the technology, arts, mining & resources, finance, fashion and not-for-profit sectors.

Code the Future: is coding simply child’s play?

In classrooms across Australia, hundreds of students are happily working away at a task that would frighten many adults: coding. Brought out of the realm of extra-curricular activities and into every day teaching by the new national Digital Technologies Curriculum, coding is fast becoming a must-have skill and a favourite among students as young as five.  The birth [...]

By |January 11th, 2017|News|

CODE: Debugging the gender gap

In 2013, filmmaker Robin Hauser Reynolds’ daughter called home from college to explain that she wanted to drop her computer science major. According to Ms Hauser Reynolds, “her confidence was shaken by being one of just two women in a class of 25, and by not having the resources to support her.” This phone call came in the [...]

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Women in STEM survey: what the industry said

This article first appeared in edition 9 of Behind the Dot magazine. Read the full report by downloading the magazine now. In the lead up to our Girls in ICT Day breakfast in April 2016, AusRegistry conducted a survey to gain insights into themes surrounding women in technology, barriers to women entering these fields and [...]

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Domains and hashtags: a match made in marketing heaven

This article is taken from AusRegistry's industry magazine, Behind the Dot: State of the .au Domain. Click through to read more from this edition. It is widely believed that social media has had a democratising effect on the marketing business. No longer is branding conducted solely through one-way channels and traditional advertising alone – now [...]

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